September Staff Recommendations
Don Paulson, Butterfly  Recommended by Nikki (Fine Print Photographer & Content Publisher): Don Paulson grew up in Auburn, WA; was a contributor to Seattle Gay news; wrote about historic Seattle cabaret night clubs; and was a part of many LGBTQ+ advocacy...
Featured Artist | Artemio Rodriguez
FEATURE STATEMENT Davidson Galleries is pleased to share new work from Mexican artist Artemio Rodríguez. Featured are nine new linocuts from 2022 and 2023. Rodríguez balances complexity and simplicity to assemble striking scenes, figures, and stories in bold linocuts. The...
Featured Artist | Ben Beres
FEATURE STATEMENT Davidson Galleries is pleased to share new work from Seattle artist Ben Beres. Featured are seven new marbled monoprints from 2022. A master of words, Beres has long worked with text as both impossibly small, scratchy scribbles, and...
August Staff Recommendations
Lee Chul Soo, Go Out Together 동반외출 Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager): For me, ‘Go Out Together’ is about how individuals make up a community. While I sometimes feel like a nonentity walking around my city, artists like Lee Chul...
Featured Artist | Juan Alcázar Méndez
FEATURE STATEMENT Davidson Galleries is pleased to feature prints from Oaxacan artist Juan Alcázar Méndez. Alcázar is known for his aquatints, etchings, and lithographs that explore the mythological relationships between humans, animals, interiors, and nature. Influenced by indigenous culture, the...
July Staff Recommendations
The lively leaves and vines in the foreground wind over an intricate web of dark branches, which resembles tracery on a gothic window.
Featured Artist | Moon Lee
Her work often utilizes overlapping layers to reveal harmonies and conflicts within complex human experiences. Layers of people, architecture, pattern, and more are directed by streaks of color, especially the artist’s signature red lines.
Featured Artist | Ryohei Tanaka
Tanaka is known for his etchings that capture the slow suburban life and landscape of Japan in exquisite detail. Though human figures rarely appear in Tanaka’s work, he explored the meeting of humans and nature, implying the presence of people amongst their landscape through their homes, tools, paths traveled, etc.
Featured Artist | Sean Caulfield
Focusing on broader themes of mutation, metamorphosis, and regeneration involving both the landscape and the individuals that inhabit it, I aim to raise challenging questions for viewers about the role they play.
June Staff Recommendations
"There is so much nostalgia for quiet places and times in this piece, and private moments in the middle of the night, depicted in sharp beautiful contrast like a scene from a movie."
May Staff Recommendations
In her rendition of Venus, Ho’s playful personality shines through this European traditional space. She brings the statue to life with her rendition of arms, hands, and even a cell phone on the famous woman’s armless body. 
April Staff Recommendations
"...What keeps me looking is the regal, precious treatment of a humble apple. It strikes me as a perfectly lit, staged scene of a play with an apple as the protagonist. It's a scene that we'd never quite catch in our daily life either because it vanishes when we turn the lights on or because we don't revere the apple on our table as maybe we should."
Eunice Kim | Currents & Tides
Eunice Kim | Currents & Tides will be on exhibition from April 7 - May 27 2023.  ARTIST STATEMENT "This exhibition, Currents & Tides, presents all-new body of work from Nature Stories series finding material and inspiration in reclaimed wood. Printed...
March Staff Recommendations
"In the same way that her etchings breathe life and movement into the paper, “Fragile Security” is an end to breath, stillness, rustling in the wind and slowly turning to dust. The haunting image tells a quiet story of life and death, ending in peace and rest."
Karen Kunc | Wanting/Waiting
Karen Kunc | Wanting/Waiting will be on exhibition from April 7 - May 27 2023.  ARTIST STATEMENT "Through my art I obliquely address environmental and politically charged awareness, while always creating poetically poignant visual images and beautiful, edgy visual sensations. My approach...
Elizabeth Donnally Davidson: Embodied
"We are none of us perfect because of this altering process, but these forces and their effect on us have the potential to make us more beautiful because of it."
Michèle Landsaat: The Alchemy of Love
"At times in life there are reminders that somewhere along the way something unconditionally flawless was lost."
February Staff Recommendation
"We may feel isolated, whether by choice or otherwise, while simultaneously yearning to be seen and understood. The large text and brilliant colors are impossible to ignore, igniting an almost synesthetic call for attention and connection."
Dion Pickering Zwirner: Landforms
"Recognizable images do not interest me, I want to draw more on memories evoked by landscape."
January Staff Recommendation
"Of the magnificent “Famous Views of the Sixty-Odd Provences”, ‘Mimasake Provence. Yamabusi Valley’ displays a wonderful humor and humanity. We can all relate to the man chasing his hat that has flown away in a wind storm."
December Staff Recommendations
"I'm reminded of the peace I feel in nature and wide open spaces. The unique texture of the surface is captivating and suits the image perfectly."