Services Offered



Davidson Galleries specializes in works on paper, primarily original prints. If you need such works identified and/or valued we offer two options:

Verbal evaluation does not involve a written document. We examine the piece(s), conduct necessary research, and tell you what it is and an approximate retail value. Cost is $50 minimum and $100 for each additional hour, regardless of the number of works involved.

Formal written evaluation or authentication is charged as a function of time required for examination, research and documentation production. Cost is $150 minimum, and $100 for each additional hour, regardless of the number of works involved.

For either of these services, a certificate of authenticity will be provided upon request for no additional charge.

This service is subject to the availability of the staff. If we are able to immediately recognize that a work is a reproduction rather than an original, we will convey that to you for no charge.

Note: Davidson Galleries is not a certified appraiser. We have been expert witnesses at trials and have had our work accepted by insurance companies and taxing bodies. We have been active in this field for almost 50 years.

We do not provide free evaluations, or offer opinions over the telephone, via email, or from photographs.


Call to make an appointment to discuss your needs and the materials involved. Please be prepared to send an email with images of the works to

Additional Resources

If you do not live in the Pacific Northwest you may wish to contact a reputable art dealer or art appraiser in your area. Your local art museum is a good place to seek names and suggestions. The following organizations are also valuable resources:

American Society of Appraisers

Appraisers Association of America

International Society of Appraisers