January Staff Recomendations
"Of the magnificent “Famous Views of the Sixty-Odd Provences”, ‘Mimasake Provence. Yamabusi Valley’ displays a wonderful humor and humanity. We can all relate to the man chasing his hat that has flown away in a wind storm."
December Staff Recommendations
"I'm reminded of the peace I feel in nature and wide open spaces. The unique texture of the surface is captivating and suits the image perfectly."
Holiday Gift Guide 2022
Featuring artworks from some of Davidson Galleries' most beloved artists, this curated gift guide offers under-$250 artworks that are sure to please a variety of friends and family.
November Staff Recommendations
"When we slow down and look up at a clear night sky, we plug into something so much older and bigger than our own individual lives. We get to see just how big the world we live in really is."
Wuon-Gean Ho: Right Here, Right Now
"[These prints] are about personal experiences and intended to be full of narrative humour: a little satirical, a bit tragic, sometimes absurd…There is a dream-like logic to the spaces, which have their own internal references."
September Staff Recommendations
"All that cannot be explained about human emotion seems to rest in the quiet space created between them." 
Jenny Robinson | Fragile Symmetry
“I am interested in the moment when an image points us towards a world that we recognize, firmly rooted in the here and now, but not quite real, giving us a history of the present as a dream-like architecture built from the tessellations of recurrent memories and fragile materials.”
August Staff Recommendations
"Not only does she paint herself as a Venetian from the era, she paints herself as a gentleman, calling into question the wealth and gender imbalances of the traditional portrait."
Robert Connell: As I See It
"My artwork is paintings of personal expression and without the use of photography. I want my landscape paintings to be viewed as a work created by a single individual at a particular time, place and enhanced through memory."
July Staff Recommendations
"Momento No. 3273 (pine) hones in on a feeling, to pine, and the quiet setting where it happens, alone in a bed. It beautifully captures the way we are drawn inward to our own emotions and imagination when we pine for someone or something."
Charles Spitzack: PASSAGE
"These woodblock prints are simple responses from these turbulent times - Small echos to everything we take in each and every day."
June Staff Recommendations
"Oleksiy Fedorenko creates wildly enigmatic etchings, and I treasure them all. His works are full of absurdity, whimsicality and subtlety, and yet are so clear - exactly as he describes them."
Virginia Hungate-Hawk: What is Visible, What is Imagined

"My etchings are metaphors for indicating the known and unknown. Through investigating marks and patterns, employing scale and movement, I am creating my own interpretation of the imaginary boundaries and spaces we exist in."

May Staff Recommendations
"The phrase sinks down into the rising darkness that threatens to envelope it, much like democracy decays when systemic oppression masquerades as Christian values."
April Staff Recommendations
"As soon as spring slowly emerges in the Pacific Northwest, my focus turns to sunshine and bright colors to pull me out of winter. This etching is the perfect remedy for spring fever. The poppy's red could not be more intense and the contrast of the black could not be richer."
March Staff Recommendations
"His imaginary figures are drawn so carefully, without any stray lines or second thoughts, as if he always knew how the figure would emerge from the paper. Although I would never have invented the same figure, it made perfect sense to me from the moment I saw it."
Porch: Expert Advice to Design the Perfect Art Gallery at Home (featuring Davidson Galleries)
A gallery wall at home filled with beautiful artwork can make an empty room have warmth, color, and personality. There are many ways you can prepare your home art gallery to create a beautiful space you, your family, and guests will love. 
February Staff Recommendations
"The intimate process of carving a wood block is felt in this small piece. I feel the block's texture and the quiet moments that the artist spent with it."
Unique Impressions: Statements from the Artists

Statements from the artists of our International Monoprint & Monotype Invitational 2022.

January Staff Recommendations
"I feel welcomed into the moment. I long to sit in the chair, to feel the breeze enter the room through the window, and to be warmed by the light."
December Staff Recommendations
"You can see, feel, and almost hear the music from the vibrations in blue, which have an exuberance that matches the musicians. "