We rarely buy prints outright and prefer to take them on consignment, in which the Gallery will retain a percentage of any sales. 

Consignment Process

If you are interested in consigning work with the Gallery, the first step is to send an email to with images of the piece(s) and the information that you have about the work. The Gallery will use the images to evaluate whether the work is of interest. If so, we will request to see the work in person and a consignment agreement will be signed. We kindly request that works not be brought or sent to the Gallery without prior arrangement.


What should I expect?

The Gallery will use all appropriate means at its disposal to promote the work and offer it for sale. This includes adding it to the website, taking it to print fairs, advertising it in the catalog, including it in marketing emails, and promoting it on social media. It can take 2-6 weeks for the Gallery to process the inventory, photograph it, and publish it on the website. We ask for your patience during that time.

The length of time it takes to sell each print varies depending on the demand for that piece. Though there are certain artists that are in high demand, in many cases it can take a year or several years to sell a piece.  

Due to the large number of consignments that the Gallery manages, we will not contact consignors unless we have some news to report. However, you are welcome to call us at any time for an update on your account.



Consignment is risk-free; there are no fees to enter into a consignment agreement. The Gallery only receives compensation if we successfully sell your work. 

With few exceptions, all consigned works are subject to a matting fee of $10 - $25 depending on the size of the work of art. Prints are matted with archival materials for presentation purposes as well as their own protection. Mats cut for specific works become the property of the consignor and the cost of the matting is deducted from the first payment to the consignor after the sale of a work.

If work is in need of restoration or conservation, these fees will be discussed with the consigner prior to performing those services. We will typically only perform restoration if we are confident that the work will sell within a reasonable time frame.



All consigned items must be examined unframed in order to assess condition and assign appropriate retail prices. We typically do not consider the value of frames when pricing works on consignment with the Gallery. Due to limited storage, as well as logistics related to examination, photography, and transportation, we strongly prefer for all work to be delivered unframed. If works must be delivered in frames, the consigner is responsible for retrieving the frames within 30 days or they may be discarded unless otherwise noted.


Allowed Discounts

The Gallery may offer a discount of up to 15% on consigned work unless otherwise arranged. Discounts are shared between the Gallery and the consignor with the discounted retail price relating to the consignment percentages in the consignment agreement.