May Staff Recommendations
"The phrase sinks down into the rising darkness that threatens to envelope it, much like democracy decays when systemic oppression masquerades as Christian values."
April Staff Recommendations
"As soon as spring slowly emerges in the Pacific Northwest, my focus turns to sunshine and bright colors to pull me out of winter. This etching is the perfect remedy for spring fever. The poppy's red could not be more intense and the contrast of the black could not be richer."
March Staff Recommendations
"His imaginary figures are drawn so carefully, without any stray lines or second thoughts, as if he always knew how the figure would emerge from the paper. Although I would never have invented the same figure, it made perfect sense to me from the moment I saw it."
Porch: Expert Advice to Design the Perfect Art Gallery at Home (featuring Davidson Galleries)
A gallery wall at home filled with beautiful artwork can make an empty room have warmth, color, and personality. There are many ways you can prepare your home art gallery to create a beautiful space you, your family, and guests will love. 
February Staff Recommendations
"The intimate process of carving a wood block is felt in this small piece. I feel the block's texture and the quiet moments that the artist spent with it."
Unique Impressions: Statements from the Artists

Statements from the artists of our International Monoprint & Monotype Invitational 2022.

January Staff Recommendations
"I feel welcomed into the moment. I long to sit in the chair, to feel the breeze enter the room through the window, and to be warmed by the light."
December Staff Recommendations
"You can see, feel, and almost hear the music from the vibrations in blue, which have an exuberance that matches the musicians. "
November Staff Recommendations
"A country kitchen, a cat, and a delightful palette of soothing hues - is there anything more inviting than this little farmhouse scene?"
October Staff Recommendations
"It begs the question of what or who are Americans harming in our unchecked need to be entertained or desire to fill a void in lack of interest in day to day life?"
September Staff Recommendations
"Orville has neatly packaged time and space into a comprehensible experience contained on the paper, allowing the viewer to experience the marvel of staring at the heavens without the anxiety of how miniscule and fleeting we are."
August Staff Recommendations
"Through this image, I can feel the heat and humidity that draws New Yorkers out of their apartments and onto the stoop to chat, play music, and enjoy the night air. It is a scene that reminds me of an era but is still timeless. Even when I've just visited New York, Mershimer's portrayal makes me want to go back."
July Staff Recommendations
"Will America always blur its lines when it comes to basic inalienable rights of all people, including its own?"
June Staff Recommendations
"The precise and crisp imagery, the effortless reflections in the water, and the gorgeous range of teal and pink tones create a stunning world so real and rare that you want to slip into it and disappear. The scene is perfect serenity."
May Staff Recommendations
"Technique aside, Fragmentary Shadow 1 brings a moment of peace and meditation to the viewer that goes beyond what a photograph could hope to offer."
April Staff Recommendations
"Despite the clear allusions to women being at the mercy of men’s decisions, the piece also offers a reclamation of power. In this scene, the women hold the most visual ‘weight’ and ground the entire image with their high contrast and distinct negative space silhouettes - forcing the viewer to acknowledge them."
Carol Summers: The Woodcut Reinvented
Carol Summers significantly expanded the traditional woodcut medium. His process even became known as the "Carol Summers technique".  His unique technique involved placing the paper on top of the inked block, then transferring the ink by applying pressure with a...
March Staff Recommendations
"The simplicity of the language and composition give both visual and emotional space for viewers to breathe and digest the full impact of his message; and soon becomes a meditative experience."
Mad World: A Conversation
Collections Manager Paige McCray and & Communications Manager Emma Scherer discuss the inspiration for the Mad World online exhibition.
February Staff Recommendations
"With the stress we all are under, I feel like I am blowing away, losing myself, organically. Sakuta has captured that feeling of loss. A breeze is all that is needed."
Portraits?: A Broad Perspective On Living Subjects
In this exhibition, we have selected a group of works that speak to a broader definition of portraiture; a work that captures the expression of the living form, both human and animal.