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Francisco Goya: Los Proverbios

and other works from the Disasters and Los Caprichos

October 5th - 28th, 2017

First Thursday Opening Reception: October 5th, 2017, 6-8pm.

Alongside Rembrandt and Dürer, Goya stands as one of greatest historical printmakers known today.  His subjects range from Biblical depictions, to the bloody, but much loved sport of bull fighting.  He is best known, however, for his satirical and social commentary in biting series such as The Disasters of War, Los Caprichos and Los Proverbios.  Ever a keen observer of his own time, Goya nonetheless succeeded in creating imagery of the human condition that speaks to generations of viewers even to this day.

Los Proverbios (The Proverbs), also known as Los Disparates (The Follies),  is an enigmatic portfolio of eighteen prints and the last major series to be etched by Goya. The compositions are complex, dark, and dream-like and so have inspired many interpretations including political commentary, traditional proverbs and the Spanish carnival.  Davidson Galleries will be exhibiting the full set of 18 works from the Proverbios series as well as a few selections from The Disasters of War and Los Caprichos.  

For a complete list of available Goya works, please click here.

Contact Shayla Alarie at with any questions.

Tomiyuki Sakuta | Good Looks

Kikyz1313 | Body Puzzle

Born in Querétaro, Mexico in 1988 and educated at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Kikyz1313 creates ink, graphite, and watercolor works on paper that walk the line between the sublime and the repulsive. Her work represents some of the most distressing sides of humanity yet her use of soft colors and stunningly exacting executions create a tension in the viewer, as we simultaneously what turn our heads and look closer.