Jenny Robinson
Infrastructure #1
Jenny Robinson
Infrastructure #2
Jenny Robinson
Before the Rise
Bill Colby
Tacoma Arcadia
Hiroyuki Tajima
Hiroyuki Tajima
Rhizome F
Hiroyuki Tajima
Wall of Font C
Hui Zhang
Looking at Light
Philip Pearlstein
Arthur Luiz Piza
Equilibre Rouge (brown variant)
Gwen Raverat
The Dead Christ
Charles Surendorf
Wells Fargo Building- Columbia
Jacques Villon
John Webber
A Man of Prince William's Sound
Jean Francois Millet
Paysan Rentrant Du Fumier (Peasant Carrying some Manure)
Henri Matisse
Eglise des Bois
Boris Lovet-Lorski
Untitled (Against Nature)
Gene Kloss
Jesters Cooling Off
Horst Janssen
Self Portrait
Horst Janssen
Self Portrait for CC Klar nur 8 Strich
Jacques Callot
Plate 35. Two Pantaloons Turning Their Backs


John Grade | North

Sculpture & Etchings

February 17 - March 25, 2017

This exhibition celebrates the return of “Middle Fork” from the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland for installation at Seattle Art Museum. After which it will continue to travel to other venues and each time it will grow further until it reaches the complete length and span of the original tree, 140 feet long. The complete exhibition will go live on February 16th. 

M.C. Escher

February 17 - March 25, 2017

No other artist blends rational and mathematics with whimsical and imagination better than M.C. Escher.  From renowned crystallographers to art collectors, across decades and generations, Escher’s work prompted a rare and wide-reaching appeal that persists even today.