Toshi Yoshida
Pagoda In Kyoto
Kaoru Kawano
Sleeping Child In Red
Walter Oswald Reese
Europa and the Bull
Toshi Yoshida
Mt. Fuji From Gotemba
Masamichi Yoshihara
John R. Nobrigan
Young Lady Ballet Debut
Federico Castellon
By The Arks
John Sloan
The Donkey Ride
John Sloan
Book Of Hours
John Sloan
Book Of Hours
John Sloan
Bhagavad Gita Manuscript Leaf From Pakistan
Hiroshi Yoshida
Azalea Garden Tea House
Hiroshi Yoshida
Fujiyama From Miho
Leonard Baskin
Hosie's Bird
Leonard Baskin
Blake (William Blake, English, 1757-1827)
George Elbert Burr
Mesa Encantada, New Mexico (No. 1)
George Elbert Burr
Snow Storm, Estes Park
Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Plate XIII. The Well
Pablo Picasso
Plate 93 (La Celestine, Fuite a L’Aube)
Thom Kapheim
Dancing Close
Henri Privat-Livemont
Plate 88. Cabourg A 5 Heures De Paris (alt. title: Casino de Cabourg)


International Mezzotint Invitational

We are excited to welcome 40 artists from 30 countries for this comprehensive survey of contemporary mezzotint practitioners from around the world. A unique and particularly demanding medium, mezzotint produces images with an unparalleled depth and velvety colors.

International Mezzotint Invitational at Davidson Galleries