Carol Summers
Lot S194-A. Tilicho Lake
Joan Miró
Lot S171-C. Artigas
Alexander Calder
Lot S97-B. Two Faces and Four Spots and Three Faces
Unidentified Japanese Artist
Lot S200-B. Temple Offering
Patrick Anderson
Lot S65-A. Seattle Bridges Portfolio
Patrick Anderson
Lot S64-B. Seattle Skyline Portfolio
Woody Crumbo
Lot S103-A. Eagle Dancer, Dog Soldier Dancer and Eagle Dancer
Maurice de Vlaminck
Lot S106-A. Illustration V, Illustration VII and Illustration XIX
Lot S131-C. Nakamura Utaemon IV as Kato Yomoshichi, Kataoka Ichizo as Teraoka Heiemon and Jitsukawa Ensaburo as Otaka Gengo
Manuscript Pages
Lot S159-B. Arabic Manuscript Leaf and Leaf from Rahman bin Ayirib, Islamic Prayer Book from Turkey
Manuscript Pages
Lot S160-B.Leaf from Qur’an, Turkey and Qur’an Prayerbook Leaf from Delhi (Selection of Suras)
Manuscript Pages
Lot S161-B. Sanskrit Manuscript from Kashmir and Bhagavad Gita Leaf
Western Manuscripts
Lot S164-B. Set of two Antiphonal Romanum
Georges R Rouault
Lot S184-A. Nude and Paysage au Palmier
Unidentified Japanese Artist
Lot S202-A. Looking at the Moon and Maple by a Stream
Northwest Views
Lot S204-B. Hotels of Seattle and Schools of Seattle
Unidentified Japanese Artist
Lot S203-A. Shrimp and Crab
Eastern Manuscripts
Lot S158-B. Leaf from Dalail-ul-Khairat with Persian translation and Leaf from Dalail-ul-Khairat with translation by Mohd. Azeem.
Aristide Maillol
Lot S155-B. Three Goats Resting and Three Goats
Magazine covers
Lot S154-B. Shoe Shine, Miners, Adding Machines and Logging Train
Andrés Lagunas
Lot S150-B. Hyacinth, Red Poppy and Two Kinds of Mulleins


Donald Fels

PaperWalls: Found-Paper Collages, Paris and Cochin

Donald Fels collects his material from the many traditional paper posters and announcements found lining the streets of Southern Europe and India. He repurposes the patterns and imagery from the paper to create compelling abstract collages with an aura of far-off places.

Max Steele

Seen and Unseen

Davidson Galleries is pleased to introduce Max Steele's photography to the gallery. A practicing architect Steele turns his formal training in line, composition and structure to everyday scenes. His work captures the beauty and poetry that we walk by every day and invites us to see the unseen elegance hidden in plain sight in and around Seattle.

Azumi Takeda


Azumi Takeda's masterful use of etching and aquatint is matched by her sharp and intimate commentary on our modern lives. The figures in her work capture the absurdity and gruesomeness of city living in which we are surrounded by many but connected to none. Everything is, however, not bleak and hopeless in her work. There is a beautiful balance and subtle humor found throughout her compositions giving it a playful feel --the sugar to make the medicine palatable.

Mio Asahi

Gods and Monsters

The world of Mio Asahi is one of a folklore all her own. The imagery is that of powerful women who can call the wind and tame dragons; reminiscent of stories of a world we have never known. Her simple and beautiful palette and compositions combine the feeling of allegorical fables and ancient mysticism.