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Peasant Woman Carrying A Pack On Her Back
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Man and Cow On Path By Canal
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The Gotthard Fortress
Tamarind Institute
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12 Labors of Hercules
Michael Spafford
Europa and the Bull #2
Mable A. Royds
Christ In The Carpenter's Shop
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Bresdin (Rodolphe Bresdin, French, 1822-1885)
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From Centre Noeuds
13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
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Looking East near Brinnon
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Octagonal Tower
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Three Travelers Crossing a Bridge in the Snow
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District Schoolhouse
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Timothy Smith


Keisuke Yamamoto | Light • Time • Silence

Osaka-born artist Keisuke Yamamoto creates hand-drawn stone lithographs which reconstruct several recurring components in ever-fascinating ways. He received his MFA from Kanazawa College of Art and Design in 1986 and for the past twenty-five years has been making a study of his chairs and light.

Yamamoto's lithographs play with our expectation of narrative. Rather than offering didactic context his images drop us directly into a moment in which we are only visitors. The lithographs are of incredible stillness that arrests the viewer with their composition. They bring our busy lives to halt and insist that we stop, look, and be present in the moment while imagining ourselves standing in the room or out in the garden.

This artist's work is an unusual and rare mix of masterful technique, philosophical curiosity, and emotional gravity.

Exhibition | March 1st through the 31st.

Lithographs from Keisuke Yamamoto

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

March 2 - 31, 2018

First Thursday Opening Reception: March 1, 2018, 6-8pm.

Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) was an Austrian-born artist and architect, as well as an environmental activist. He believed that the reconciliation of man with nature was necessary in order to regain the freedom of individual creativity and expressed this vision through his art and architecture. His work is characterized by undulating curves, organic shapes and bright colors. He abhorred the square.

Hundertwasser has a unique approach to his printmaking. He is interested to explore all the various combinations of color and foil stamping rather than to select one approach for any given image. The editions seem large but the impressions sharing the same color and foil combination are only a small fraction of the total edition. The artist also incorporates the traditional printer guide in the margin of the sheet next to the image, normally cropped off when the printing is complete, as another area for exploration.

Please enjoy the preview below. For the complete exhibition, check back closer to the exhibition date.

Michael Kempson | Child's Play

February 2 - 24, 2018 

First Thursday Opening February 1st 6 - 8pm

Following a 2011 residency at Sydney’s majestic Taronga Zoo, Michael Kempson found inspiration in the stuffed animals arranged along the shelves of the gift shop. His latest work, Child’s Play (2016/17), is a panel installation of 50 iconic etchings depicting invented toy creatures representing nation states, each identified by their three-letter ISO country code. The formal arrangement of this menagerie is contained by the bookends of China’s panda and the American bald eagle, hinting at the international and regional challenges confronting the old order, precipitated by the shift in the world economy from west to east. They combine officially sanctioned animal representation and occasionally substitute a vernacular equivalent. For example, the regal lion representing Britain is instead the pugnacious bulldog. In mapping our current geopolitical junction, and pondering the inevitability that things will and must change, Child’s Play reflects on the legacy of the “not-so-cute” strategic decisions implemented in the past and perceives the value of patience as we apply the lessons learned throughout history to facing the future together.

Ben Beres | They're Shootin' To Kill

February 2 - 24, 2018 

First Thursday Opening February 1st 6 - 8pm

Moving away from his trademark of indecipherable or miniature text, Beres zooms in to focus on single words, simple phrases, and short sentences. Inspired by the minimalist poet Aram Saroyan, this exhibition includes many three-word poems, using six to eight-letter words, separating the words into multiple parts to explore new meaning. Homonyms, puns, placement, order and disorder all are deftly employed. The grim and often humorous hidden messages in Beres’ prints tap into our collective anxieties, whether they are social and political or simply personal loss and love. He addresses this anxiety by employing wit and wordplay as a way to draw out the poison for a bittersweet catharsis.