#10, Silencio, Silencio (Silence, Silence) by Juan Genovés - Davidson Galleries
Juan Genovés

#10, Silencio, Silencio (Silence, Silence)

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Series: Silencio, Silencio Portfolio
Medium: Etching
Dimensions: 12 x 17 inches
Signature: Signed
Artist details: Spanish, 1930 - 2020
Date finished: 1970
Edition: 25/92
Publisher: Atelier Lacourière et Frélant, Paris

Recommended by Sam (Owner & Director):
Genoves portfolio Silencio, responding to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, speaks loudly of protest and the price of dissent. His masterful use of spit bite and aquatint create a powerful image freely expressed rather than meticulously didactic.