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Tallmadge Doyle

Winter Always Turns to Spring

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Medium: Intaglio
Dimensions: 14 x 30 inches (image)
Artist details: American , 1956
Date finished: 2002
Edition: 1/1

Recommended by Catherine (Collections Assistant):

"Tallmadge Doyle's cosmic and nature-inspired intaglio prints strike an elusive balance between whimsical and grave, simultaneously conveying the beauty of the world and the pressing issues of climate change. Her intaglio print Winter Always Turns to Spring beautifully encapsulates the dark uncertainty around the future of our earth, and its place in the universe, with a message of ever-present hope. The layered star-like and spherical shapes call to mind the swirling cosmos, while the concentration of bright tones in the center draw the viewer through the dark celestial entanglement. This serves as a reminder that whether we are stuck inside the darkness of an unusually long winter or a web of demoralizing information, the light is never far beyond reach."