Polychromatic Perspectives

This exhibition is a celebration of colorful abstraction by nine local, national, and international artists. Movement, tone, and emotion expressed through color come together in these pieces to create an exhibition which is both playful and moving.

Artists: Virginia Hungate-Hawk, Jonelle Johnson, Karen Kunc, Jean Luc Lebalp, Martha Pfanschmidt, Sarah Smelser, Akiko Taniguchi, Seiko Tachibana, and Dion Zwirner.



ONLINE EXHIBITION Peter Klucik | Etchings

ONLINE EXHIBITIONS are short term, changing exhibitions of available inventory that are not currently displayed on the gallery walls. Usual duration, two weeks.

Marx paintings to head home...

Robert Marx Paintings To Return Home.

Robert Marx was the first artist I approached to invite representation when I left Ferdinand Roten Galleries in Baltimore in 1973 to start Davidson Galleries.  He agreed, and we have worked together ever since. The Gallery will continue to represent his drawings and prints, (in keeping with our new focus) but, as with the sculpture, which we returned last month, we will be returning the paintings we have in our inventory.

We invite any of you who have coveted a particular piece to visit or telephone the Gallery to make special arrangements before the work is gone from the West Coast.  Special terms can be arranged.

To Russia with Love

Dear collectors of paintings by Shura Petrov, Alexander Gorenstein and Andrei Karpov,

Because of our recent shift to works on paper we will need to return our remaining inventory of paintings by these important Russian artists to the artists. We have been greatly honored to represent them. If you have had your eye on any paintings by these artists now is the time to let us know.  Prices will reflect the need make this happen quickly and will be attractive in order to help us reduce the overall return shipping costs to Russia.

Please come in or telephone during the next two weeks.

Upcoming Exhibitions

From:  August 02 2018  To:  August 31 2018

From:  August 02 2018  To:  August 31 2018