Mezzotint Invitational

June 4-June 27, 2020

New works from accomplished artists and introductions of new artists working in this versatile, technically complex, and captivating medium.

Exhibition will be available for viewing by appointment. Please call (206) 624-7684 to arrange.

Japanese Ukiyo-e

Online Exhibition

What is Ukiyo-e?

Literally translated, Ukiyo means "Floating World" & -e refers to pictures.  

These delicate and often entertaining woodblock prints (both individually or as part of an intentional series) were popular in Japan from the Edo period (1603) to the Meiji period (1912). 

The influence of Ukioy-e is seen in several other genres including surimono, broadsides, illustrated books, news and posters.

By studying Ukiyo-s prints one can get a glimpse of such subjects as Kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, beauties (geishas and courtesans), intimate and erotic scenes, historical events and legends, or travels to revered locations.

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