Jenny Robinson | Constructs

Jenny Robinson’s work has always been informed by her immediate environment, where she live, works and goes has a direct impact on the subject matter she is drawn to. After moving from London to San Francisco in 2001, she became fascinated by structures displaying a sense of strength and energy, but ignored, threatened by the passage of time to ultimate defeat by corrosion and decay. Her work is concerned with depicting how these giant structures appear, not through a sense of romantic yearning for the past, but by responding to location and documenting how they appear to her, now, in the moment. This exhibition includes work from her new series "Infrastructure", on-going series of experimental constructs, which explores ways to transform familiar and recognizable structures, by deconstructing and manipulating them into architectural images which exceed themselves to become more visually ambiguous.

ALL AMERICAN: Three Centuries of Printmaking by American Immigrant Artists

April 6 - 29, 2017 | First Thursday Opening Reception:  April 6, 6-8pm

The United States, as a nation of immigrants, has had a tumultuous and constantly evolving identity in the modern era.  Alternately facing acceptance and resistance, and sometimes outright violence, immigrants in America have made fortunes, endured hardships and dramatically shaped the country’s history, culture and politics.  

Whether making a statement about race relations, exploring abstract expression or responding to industrialization, the artists in this exhibition, while distinct in their diversity, are nevertheless all American.

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From:  May 04 2017  To:  May 27 2017

From:  May 04 2017  To:  May 27 2017