Rufino Tamayo | Selected Etchings & Lithographs

Rufino del Carmen Arellanes TAMAYO

By the mid twentieth century the native Zapotec artist Rufino del Carmen Arellanes Tamayo, was properly acknowledged as one of Mexico's leading artists. 

During his studies at Escuela National de Artes Plastics he absorbed Mexican versions of Cubism, Impressionism and Fauvism. The artist's love of pre-Columbian ceramics stemmed from his work with Jose Vasconcelos and Tamayo's chairing the Department of Ethnographic Drawings (1921-1926).  But he moved to New York City in 1926, largely as a rejection of the revolutionary politics of the muralists.  

After completing his studies and teaching in Mexico City he lived in New York (1936-1950), and Paris (1957-1964) where he was influenced by Picasso, Matisse, Ingres and other European artists.  He then returned to Mexico to live and work (1964-1991). 

Although a skilled painter and sometime sculptor, Tamayo's legacy rests with his more than six decades of printmaking including woodcuts, lithographs, etchings and mixografia prints.  The strong appreciation that Tamayo's work received outside of Mexico resulted in a new respect for it in Mexico. 

In 1981 the artist's collection of European masters formed the foundation of a museum named for him in Mexico City and his gift of his pre-Columbian collection to the city of Oaxaca inspired Francisco Toledo and others to make that city an important art and printmaking center.

Tony Fitzpatrick | New & Selected Etchings

(b. 1958) Boxer, artist, actor, radio personality, fine print workshop owner--Tony Fitzpatrick is all of these and more.  He is deeply embedded in his "windy city" of Chicago.  The artist has created tattoo like images, filled with iconography identifying family, cartoon heroes, a symbolic alphabet, endangered species (real and imagined), and other emblematic depictions, all with personal connections.  His etchings, lithographs and collages give an intimate look at his loves, concerns and individual monikers.

ONLINE: George C. Wales | Etchings & Lithographs

ONLINE EXHIBITIONS are short term, changing exhibitions of available inventory that are not currently displayed on the gallery walls. Usual duration, two weeks.

George Wales was born at the edge of Boston harbor in 1868 surrounded by American sailing ships for whaling, fishing, and vessels that plied the East India and China trade.

He spent as much timed as possible on the water in homemade rafts, a sailing dinghy and eventually a cat boat.  After study at M.I.T. he became draughtsman and superintendent in the offices of Messrs. Peabody & Stearn, Architects, Boston.  Following  a year of foreign travel and study 1891-1892, he practiced architecture 1893-1924.  The artist was introduced to etching by the prominent Boston painter William M. Paxton.  Four years later he had his first etching exhibition at Goodspeed's Book Shop.  By 1923 he was applying his considerable drawing skills to lithography.  Wales' work was collected by many institutions including The Library of Congress, The British Museum, New York Public Library, The National Museum, Washington D.C., The Victoria and Albert Museum, London as well as many others.

This exhibition shows his devotion to sailing ships and provides an extensive view of the artist's best works in etching and lithography.

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