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Betty Merken

Illumination, Scarlett #09-21-01

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Series: Monoprint/Monotype Invitational 2022
Medium: Monotype
Dimensions: 24 x 18 inches (Image) 30 1/4 x 25 inches (Sheet)
Artist details: American, 1947
Date finished: 2021

Artist's statement:
"My Illumination Series of monotypes explores the effect of color and its illumination.

Inspired by observations of the manner in which light affects color with its passing movement and changes, I am fascinated by the power of color to evoke emotion and to encourage contemplation, allowing the viewer to become the subject of the work.

Elements of both structure and fragility appear in my work - a balancing act which I hope speaks to our own very human condition and characteristics.

I believe that color is material and I use it as such. The edges of rectangular forms become indistinct, making these works appear seamless, as if they are colored air, the color appearing to be lit from within. Color, form, and space articulate the materiality of the oil based printmaking ink, very ​similar to that of oil paint.

I build these works up architecturally, giving them an innate sense of order and an enduring sense of clarity, utilizing a minimum number of elements for a maximum effect.

Color then becomes a place to be; it encourages the viewer’s response to become central  to the content of the work, creating a sense of inevitability which reveals a sense of oneness with each viewer."