November Staff Recommendations

November Staff Recommendations

AZUMI TAKEDA, The Story of the Wife Dreaming

Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager / Marketing Coordinator):

etching of woman sitting in chair smoking cigarette. black and white ink

Azumi Takeda is a master of both abundance and austerity. She can create scenes of maximalist repetition, and she can create quiet scenes of utter simplicity. This piece captures the simple, non-space of a woman in limbo. While the imagery is simple, the mood is so rich. The wife's apathy is palpable, from her upward gaze and straight mouth to the cigarette and remote in her elegant fingers. Takeda creates a character full of beauty and disdain that is rare and relatable.


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MICHÉLE LANDSAAT, Squirrel with Pineapple

Recommended by Catherine (Collections Specialist):

etching with squirrel and pineapple. Green background, gold colors throughout.Michèle Landsaat's quietly whimsical etchings never fail to make me smile or tug at my heartstrings. I tend to be most drawn toward her more personal or poignant work, but 'Squirrel with a Pineapple' is an adorable piece that I enjoy just as much. A funny twist on a traditional still life, it sparks my imagination and inspires many questions in my mind, such as - How did the squirrel get indoors? What was the reaction of the person who encountered it? I love the vibrancy of the red strawberry and the look on the squirrel's face - caught in the act, but unbothered. As we enter deeper into the cool autumn months, surrounded by busy squirrels collecting food and building their nests, this piece gives me a new appreciation for these resourceful little creatures. 

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WERNER DREWES, Towards the Light

Recommended by Rebecca (Operations Gallery Manager):

Abstract image. Etching in black and white. Circular shapes intersecting on square plane.

As a printmaker I am excited to print color. As a viewer, I am drawn to black and white. To me, ‘Toward the Light’ is exciting because the light and dark of it sings and the textures add further depth. The motion pulls and twists you from the bottom to the top left corner as if you were watching a waltz. I love the title, I love the print.



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TETSUO AOKI, Everyone on Earth 2

Recommended by Nikki (Fine Print Photographer / Marketing and Digital Content Specialist):

circular shaped woodblock print. Black ink. Silhouettes of people in exaggerated poses lining interior of circle.

Aoki’s woodcuts have a delightful charm. ‘Everyone on Earth 2’ breaks away from the traditional rectangular woodblock shape and playfully pulls viewers into its circular shape. Inside the circle, there are silhouettes of people in exaggerated poses that make the piece feel kinetic. Aoki’s world full of people has a liveliness to it that is captivating and lightens any mood.


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