Featured Artist | Kumi Obata

Featured Artist | Kumi Obata

Kumi Obata

The Other Side of the Paddle  水たまりの向こう側 by Kumi Obata - Davidson Galleries
 Kumi Obata, The Other Side of the Paddle  水たまりの向こう側. Intaglio, monotype.


Davidson Galleries is pleased to share a new collection of miniature intaglio prints from Japanese artist, Kumi Obata. In her latest works, she has built gentle, poetic worlds filled with celestial bodies, birds, aquatic life, and plants that illustrate complex ideas of time and nature. Obata utilizes doodle-like line work and soft color accents to make even heavy subject matter feel approachable and personal.


Trajectory of A Shooting Star  流れ星の行方 by Kumi Obata - Davidson Galleries
Kumi Obata, Trajectory of A Shooting Star  流れ星の行方. Intaglio, monotype.


Obata begins each piece by responding to an existing scratch or stain on her copper plate with a mark of her own. Only after she makes her first mark in the plate and carefully pulls the imagery forward, line-by-line, is she able to recognize and label what feelings and thoughts have created the final image. Each etching is a small, distilled moment for Obata. This latest body of work is a shared experience between the artist and viewer as we process who we are at home, under the night sky, or in the future.


Sky, Wind and Whistle  空と風と口笛 by Kumi Obata - Davidson Galleries
Kumi Obata, Sky, Wind and Whistle  空と風と口笛. Intaglio, monotype.



Please view these new works from Kumi Obata alongside her other works offered by Davidson Galleries on our website here: Collection | Kumi Obata.