Eunice Kim | Currents & Tides

Eunice Kim | Currents & Tides

Eunice Kim | Currents & Tides will be on exhibition from April 7 - May 27 2023. 


"This exhibition, Currents & Tides, presents all-new body of work from Nature Stories series finding material and inspiration in reclaimed wood. Printed entirely from actual specimens, I find and coax out narratives from aged grains, knots, cracks, and imperfections on weathered timber salvaged from demolition of an old barn at my rural studio. The process--one conceived on premise that all of nature may be found in a single example of its expression, may best be described as meditation on seeing.

I affectionately call the series "art made in Cascade Mountain foothills" where I live and works amongst abundant forests, rivers, and wildlife. This proximity to the natural world and what I encounter on a daily basis deeply and profoundly informs my work. Through rigorous minimalist aesthetic straddling abstraction and realism, the imagery in turn serves as subtext facilitating inquiry into inner emotional and psychological landscapes.

Central to my work is search for clarity and a limited, monochromatic color palette is ideal for this undertaking. It strips the imagery down to its essence and brings attention to autonomy of form, structure, and composition; it is everything essential to tell the story and nothing that is not. Black and white to me is an instrumental solo (e.g., piano or guitar), as opposed to a band or an orchestra; it is the pure expression and exploration of that particular vehicle."

 - Eunice Kim