December Staff Recommendations

December Staff Recommendations


Recommended by Nikki (Fine Print Photographer / Marketing and Digital Content Specialist):

Etching of tarot card with woman and many pairs of eye balls


Takeda’s depiction of the death card is filled with eyes wide open, including on the intense central figure with their hands gracefully crossed, staring straight back at the viewer. In tarot, drawing the death card isn’t always a bad thing. Death is a normal part of life and can mean a new beginning as well as an end to something. As the year winds closer to its own death, this etching is a reminder to be alert and conscious about what in our own lives needs to come to a close and what could use more of our energy.

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Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager / Marketing Coordinator):

mostly black background with central figure starring down into reflection pool, wearing a jester costume


Kouki Tsuritani’s ‘Pulcinella’ is a brilliant version of the cunning, rebel character I adore. The use of mezzotint accents the character perfectly with its darkness emphasizing his severity and the softness building mystery. This Pulcinella is composed and stoic with his prominent nose and just slits in the mask to reveal his eyes. There is so much to explore in Pulcinella’s gaze, the town on his hat and collar, and the moon’s reflection cradled in his arms. 

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Recommended by Catherine (Collections Specialist):

Illustration of tree.Keisei Kobayashi's intricate wood engravings often explore themes around ecology and nature mysticism. His piece Roots B from the 'Transmigration' series is a beautiful depiction of the reciprocity between humans and nature within the process of death. At a quick glance, the image appears to be of a dead tree, its scraggly and bare branches inviting the company of crows. A closer look reveals a glowing figure, sitting within the roots of the tree and bringing new life through the trunk. A clear symbol of rebirth in light of death, it also conveys a feeling of peaceful renewal in the midst of grief.






Recommended by Rebecca (Operations Gallery Manager):

abstract image of red and black. woodcut
I love to listen to Jazz and Sound 35 by Harumi Aoki may be a nostalgic look at how, I believe, Jazz would look if expressed on paper. Bright, alive with color popping out. It may be smooth with a stream of progressions with a hint of the wildness waiting for its chance to shine. It's a lively dance of musical notes waiting for the listener to grab them and be transported.

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