David et Bethsabee (David and Bathsheba)

Théodore Tobiasse


Théodore Tobiasse French (1927–2012)

David et Bethsabee (David and Bathsheba)

Medium: Color lithograph and carborundum

Year: 1984

Edition : 47/125

Signature: Signed in pencil

Size: 39 x 27 inches

Description: Bathsheba was King David's most famous wife because their marriage came after an illicit extramarital affair at the height of David's reign (circa 1005-965 B.C.). The scholarship around the relationship of Bathsheba and David subsequently has centered on who seduced whom?. In Tobiasse’s rendering, Bathsheba is an exuberant and willing participant in the adulterous affair. This interpretation is made all the more clear in the way Bathsheba very directly offers up her breast, but more more telling is Tobiasse’s inclusion of a target with an arrow on the bulls eye placed on King David’s head.

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