Current Exhibition: April 4-26, 2014

LOCKWOOD DENNIS - Retrospective
Contemporary Woodcut prints


previewMichael Barnes
previewPaula Barragan
previewBen Beres
previewFrank Boyden
previewIan Boyden
previewPeter Brauninger
previewLeslie Williams Cain
previewDaniel Carrillo
previewSean Caulfield
previewKonstantin Chmutin
previewDouglas Cooper
previewMichael Dal Cerro
previewRobert Connell
previewOleg Denisenko
previewLockwood Dennis
previewTallmadge Doyle
previewStuart Duffin
previewMary Farrell
previewTony Fitzpatrick
previewKevin Fletcher
previewJames Groleau
previewJean Gumpper
previewArt Hansen
previewStephen Hazel
previewEllen Heck
previewSeiichi Hiroshima
previewWuon Gean Ho
previewSidney Hurwitz
previewPeter Jogo
previewJonelle Johnson
previewKurt Kemp
previewEunice Kim
previewRobert Kipniss
previewAmanda Knowles
previewMichael Krueger
previewKaren Kunc
previewLee Chul Soo
previewMartin Langford
previewCarrie Lingscheit
previewJanet Lowry
previewRobert E. Marx
previewBarbara Mason
previewFrederick Mershimer
previewMark Meyer
previewPeter Milton
previewHibiki Miyazaki
previewBen Moreau
previewHiroki Morinoue
previewBriony Morrow-Cribbs
previewGordon Mortensen
previewBarry Moser
previewJulie Niskanen
previewBarbara Noah
previewWendy Orville
previewChris Papa
previewRobert Patierno
previewMartha Pfanschmidt
previewKathleen Rabel
previewMatt Rebholz
previewRosalyn Richards
previewJenny Robinson
previewBarbara Robertson
previewArtemio Rodriguez
previewJudith Rothchild
previewTomiyuki Sakuta
previewFrancesca Samsel
previewJenny Schmid
previewArne Bendik Sjur
previewTimothy Smith
previewCharles Spitzack
previewCarol Summers
previewSeiko Tachibana
previewAkiko Taniguchi
previewFrancisco Toledo
previewShigeki Tomura
previewKouki Tsuritani
previewMikio Watanabe
previewCarol Wax
previewArt Werger
previewCleo Wilkinson
previewJennifer Worsley
previewPaul Wunderlich

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March 2014: preview JONELLE JOHNSON - New Works on Paper
February 2014: previewWENDY ORVILLE - Sightlines
December 2013 - January 2014: previewInternational Wood Engraving Invitational
October 2013: previewEUNICE KIM - New Collagraph Monoprints
September 2013: previewDOUGLAS BOSLEY - Artificial Life in the Autonomous Republic
August 2013: previewLIKE: a socially interactive exhibition
June 2013: previewBARBARA ROBERTSON: Snap
March 2013: DION ZWIRNER: Patterns in Time...Images from Within
February 2013: previewJENNY ROBINSON: Recent Monoprints and Etchings
January 2013: previewGRIETJE POSTMA: The Dutch Landscape in Woodcuts
December 2012: previewCHARLES SPITZACK: Woodcuts
November 2012: previewHighlights from the Fall Print Catalog
October 2012: previewArt School on the Moon: Featuring MICHAEL BARNES, MICHAEL KRUEGER, JENNY SCHMID
September 2012: previewROBERT ERNST MARX: Rare early etchings and portfolios
September 2012: previewPORTFOLIOS AND ARTIST BOOKS
August 2012 previewBEN BERES - Vortext
August 2012 previewSHIGEKI TOMURA - Relections

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