Jacob Lawrence as Printmaker

Jacob Lawrence was a widely renowned artist and University of Washington professor whose work centered on powerful themes such as justice, equality and the African American perspective.  Using distilled forms with an emphasis on color and expression, Lawrence's work speaks with a straightforward clarity that simultaneously lends voice to those historically overlooked while opening an important dialogue with viewers.  A renewed demand for original prints had sparked Lawrence’s initial interest in printmaking, but the medium also offered great aesthetic potential for him.  Not only was he able to reach a much wider audience, but it enabled Lawrence to revisit and rework his most popular subjects.  He sheds light on oppression, racism and human suffering, lauds moments of progress and hope, and reminds us that unity is key to building a better community.  During his own life, Lawrence’s themes were both historical and timely and yet they continue to have resonance and relevance today.

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April 28th - May 30th, 2015


Sohee Kim


May 5th through the 30th at Davidson Galleries.

Objects are at the heart Sohee Kim's distinctive style and compelling imagery, the objects with which humans fill their lives and the objectification of humans as they go about their lives. Her work takes a playful, humorous, and at times rather dark look at our slow automatization at the hands of the routine of day-to-day life.