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Paul Jacoulet : Chagrins D

Paul Jacoulet French (1902-1960)

Chagrins D'Amour. Kusaie, Est Carolines (Sorrows of Love. Kusaie, East Carolines)

Medium: Color woodblock
Year: 1940
Edition : 132/350
Signature: Signed in pencil, Butterfly seal
Printer: Maeda / Honda
References: Miles 70
Size: 15-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches
Description: The delicate claws of the scarlet parrot circling the lovestruck young woman's finger was considered by Maeda to be one of his best carvings. The vivid blues, green, and red contrast with the flowers and the tattered leaves in a way that is a signature of Jacoulet's style.
Condition: Colors slightly faded.
Stock Number: 46116
Price: $1500.00