Joseph Pennell : Finishing Shells at Davidson Galleries

Joseph Pennell (1857 - 1926)

Finishing Shells

Medium: Lithograph
Year: 1916
Edition : 50
Signature: Signed in the stone
Size: 20-3/4 x 15-3/4 inches
Stock Number: 45696
Price: $385.00

Additional 20th century Japanese Prints : Withered Grass B at Davidson Galleries

Joichi Hoshi (1913-1979)

Withered Grass B

Medium: Color woodblock with silver leaf
Year: 1978
Edition : 15/99
Signature: Signed
Printer: Self-Printed
References: Cat. #383
Size: 12-1/4 x 20 inches
Condition: Very faint trace of toning, colors strong and rich
Stock Number: 29422c
Price: $3200.00

Additional 20th century Japanese Prints : Woman Pulling a String at Davidson Galleries

Yamamura Koka

Woman Pulling a String

Series: Dai Chikamatsu Hanga Zenshu
Medium: Color woodblock, mica dusting in sky
Year: 1923
Printer: Nishimura Kumakichi
Size: 15 x 10-1/2 inches
Description: Carved by Yamagishi Kazue
Stock Number: 24697c
Price: $800.00