Northwest Artists

From very early in the city's history, Seattle has been the hub of a thriving Northwest art community, producing and attracting talented artists of both regional and international renown. These artists have responded to a complex interplay of factors including the dynamism of a bustling port city coming of age in the industrial era, the mystical allure of the Northwest's natural resources, and the echo of the area's rich Native history. Davidson Galleries is proud to maintain a diverse inventory of works by artists who have been instrumental in shaping Seattle's distinctive artistic identity.

This page contains the work of Modern Pacfic Northwest artists who are deceased, no longer producing work or whom we do not directly represent.

For Contemporary Pacific Northwest prints by gallery represented artists, please visit the Contemporary Department.

Individual Artist Pages

Glen Alps

Fay Chong

Thomas Handforth

Paul Horiuchi

Helmi Juvonen

Lois S. Keeler

Harold E. Keeler

Gwen Knight

Jacob Lawrence

Jay Steensma

Mark Tobey

Wesley Wehr


Additional Available Works

Additional Available Works

Additional Available Works : Street at Davidson Galleries

Paul Bonifas Swiss (1893-1967)


Medium: Pencil drawing
Size: 14 3/4 x 11 inches
Description: An internationally recognized ceramicist, Bonifas moved to Seattle in 1946 to establish a ceramics department at the University of Washington. His drawings and graphic works are extremely rare
Condition: Light toning.
Stock Number: 28318c
Price: $625.00

Additional Available Works : Indian Reservation at Davidson Galleries

Waldo S. Chase American (1895 - 1988)

Indian Reservation

Medium: Watercolor on paper
Year: 1933
Size: 9-7/8 x 13-7/8 inches
Stock Number: 43559c
Price: $650.00

Additional Available Works : Mt. Mum (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada) at Davidson Galleries

Waldo S. Chase American (1895-1988)

Mt. Mum (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada)

Medium: Color woodcut
Year: 1927
Edition : 3/200
Signature: Signed in ink
Size: 11 x 8 inches
Condition: Slightly toned. Some scattered foxing in top margin.
Stock Number: 47202c
Price: $1250.00

Additional Available Works : Census Home at Davidson Galleries

Constance E. Fowler American (1907 - 1996)

Census Home

Medium: Wood engraving
Signature: Signed in pencil
Size: 6 x 8-1/2 inches
Condition: Corners of sheet trimmed. Paper clean, impression rich and strong
Stock Number: 45777c
Price: $325.00

Additional Available Works : Noah at Davidson Galleries

Jack McLarty American (1919 - 2011)


Medium: Linocut on red-brown paper
Edition : 4/50
Size: 19 1/4 x 14 1/8 inches
Stock Number: 45767c
Price: $400.00

Additional Available Works : School of Wave Square at Davidson Galleries

Bill Ritchie American

School of Wave Square

Medium: Intaglio
Year: 1979
Edition : 40
Signature: Signed
Size: 12 x 9 inches
Price: $225.00

Additional Available Works : Sienna at Davidson Galleries

Windsor Utley American (1920-1989)


Medium: Wash drawing
Year: 1952
Size: 4 x 5-1/2 inches
Stock Number: 28317c
Price: $550.00