A Chart Showing the Track of the Centurion Round the World

Richard William Seale


Richard William Seale

A Chart Showing the Track of the Centurion Round the World

Series: Captain George Anson's A Voyage Around the World

Medium: Engraving on laid paper

Year: 1748

Publisher: J&P Knapton

Size: 8-3/4 x 15-3/4 inches

Description: In 1740 at the beginning of Britain’s war with France and Spain, George Anson a Post Captain in the Royal Navy was ordered by the British Admiralty to sail to the Pacific via South America in his ship the Centurion in order to harry Spanish Possessions and intercept and capture one of the Spanish Treasure Galleons that sailed annually from Acapulco to Mexico, across the Pacific to the Philippines. After two years of encountering bad weather in the South Atlantic and doing considerable damage to Spanish settlements onshore, Anson reached the Philippines in June 1743 where he sighted the Spanish treasure ship the “Nuestra Senora de Covadonga” off the Marianas Islands. After a 90 minute engagement the Spanish ship surrendered, and her treasure, which Anson brought back to London in 1744, made him wealthy for life. This chart engraved by Richard William Seale (1732-1775) shows Anson’s tracks from England around South America, across the Pacific to the Marianas and the Philippines and then homeward bound across the Indian Ocean and around South Africa to the Atlantic Ocean and home in 1744. Two interesting features of the chart are 1.) California on America’s Northwest coast is depicted as an Island, a popular myth perpetuated by cartographers and navigators in the late 17th and early 18th centuries and 2.) New Zealand is not shown and only Australia’s west coast is drawn in with northern Australia joined to New Guinea.

Condition: Tear going into the printed area approx. 4 inches on the right edge. Tear is repaired and the sheet is backed for strength. Impression is strong and clean.

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