Asia, Africa & Oceania

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Asia, Africa & Oceania : Aegiptus Antiqua at Davidson Galleries

Abraham Ortelius Flemish (1527-1598)

Aegiptus Antiqua

Medium: Hand-colored engraving
Year: 1595 This edition ca.1606
Publisher: in Antwerp.
Size: 20 x 31 inches
Condition: Minor tear lower border. (English text verso).
Stock Number: 30720c
Price: $2400.00

Asia, Africa & Oceania : Western Africa at Davidson Galleries

John Rapkin

Western Africa

Medium: Hand-colored engraving
Publisher: John Tallis & Company, London and New York
Size: 10 x 13-1/4 inches
Stock Number: 21857c
Price: $100.00
Vignette drawings by J. Winkles. Vignettes engraved by E. Radclyffe.

Asia, Africa & Oceania : Nieder Guinea (Angola & Namibia) at Davidson Galleries

Carl Ferdinand Weiland

Nieder Guinea (Angola & Namibia)

Medium: Engraving with outline hand-color
Year: Date of Plate 1827
Publisher: In Weimar
Size: 25 x 18-7/8 inches
Condition: Trimmed at plate mark
Stock Number: 23113c
Price: $125.00

Asia, Africa & Oceania : Calcutta at Davidson Galleries

Chapman and Hall


Medium: Hand-colored engraving
Year: Date of Plate 1842
Publisher: Chapman and Hall, London
Size: 13-1/8 x 16-1/8 inches
Condition: Faint creasing and minor rippling
Stock Number: 22397c
Price: $225.00