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Deborah Maris Lader


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Medium: Lithograph
Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches
Artist details: American, 1963
Date finished: 2013
Edition: AP of 3

Recommended by Catherine (Collections Specialist):

"Deborah Maris Lader's prints captivate me with their symbolic storytelling and strike a beautiful balance between dark and whimsical. This surreal lithograph, with its poignant symbolism, tells a complex story about personal growth and freedom. The girl holds a bird, calling out to its flock beyond the wall, and a kite that has begun to escape through a hole. She holds on to them as if they are parts of herself she can't quite let go of, especially while she herself is tangled in vines, passively trapped behind the wall. Her face looks vaguely pensive as she watches the flock of birds, perhaps wondering if she could free herself one day. I hope she does."