Self Portrait as a Venetian Gentleman with Cara by Adrienne Sherman - Davidson Galleries
Adrienne Sherman

Self Portrait as a Venetian Gentleman with Cara

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Medium: Oil on wood panel
Dimensions: 14 x 11 inches (Image) 18 x 15 inches (Framed)
Signature: Signed verso
Artist details: American, 1949
Date finished: 1994

Available framed. Please inquire.

Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager):
"A rare oil painting in the Davidson Galleries collection, I am charmed by this piece by Adrienne Sherman. It has all of the traditional elements of oil portraits – a posed figure in elegant costuming, rich texture and warmth, fine detail from the hands to the lips. But it is also subversive and cheeky. Many of Sherman's works are inspired by the Italian Renaissance and with this particular work, she inserts herself directly into it. Not only does she paint herself as a Venetian from the era, she paints herself as a gentleman, calling into question the wealth and gender imbalances of the traditional portrait."