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Mary Farrell

Fragile Security

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Medium: Etching
Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches (image)
Artist details: American, 1950
Date finished: 2007
Edition: of 40

Recommended by Suzannah (Marketing and Communications Manager):

"Mary Farrell is known for her strong and charismatic sketch-like images of hands. In contrast, her etching, “Fragile Security” depicts a grim and delicate bird skeleton, all the parts jumbled but undisturbed, the skull still pristine.  The rot and feathers are accompanied by a broken twig with leaves still attached. In the same way that her etchings breathe life and movement into the paper, “Fragile Security” is an end to breath, stillness, rustling in the wind and slowly turning to dust. The haunting image tells a quiet story of life and death, ending in peace and rest."

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