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Wendy Orville

Day and Night Diptych

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Medium: Monotype
Dimensions: 13 x 38 inches
Signature: Signed
Artist details: American, 1962
Date finished: 2018
Edition: 1/1

Available framed at an additional cost.

Recommended by Emma (Marketing & Communications Manager):
"This piece masterfully embodies three compelling elements; the satisfying contrast between the day and night sky, the mysterious appeal of light portrayed on paper, and mankind's deep fascination with the spiritual implications of our massive universe. Orville has neatly packaged time and space into a comprehensible experience contained on the paper, allowing the viewer to experience the marvel of staring at the heavens without the anxiety of how miniscule and fleeting we are. Her flawless monotype technique is photo-realistic, yet the soft quality of the ink is far more soothing than looking at the real thing."