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Edmund Blampied

Below Stairs

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Medium: Drypoint
Dimensions: 10 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches
Signature: Signed. "Made in England" stamp lower right.
Artist details: English, 1886 - 1966
Date finished: 1931
Edition: 81/100
Reference: Appleby 143

Recommended by Rebecca (Gallery Manager):

"Edmund Blampied’s masterful drypoint “Below Stairs” shows a wonderful familiarity between a chef and a maid in a British household.  The somewhat unkempt chef stands with his hands in his pockets and a cigarette hanging from his mouth as the maid listens intently, leaning on a broom. Between their feet stands a kitty asking politely for attention. The warmth of the drypoint adds to the overall mood of this vignette. Printed in the 1930’s, this image pays homage to the end of the era of upstairs-downstairs dynamics in the late aristocracy and wealthy family households."