Leaves from a Book of Hours

Opening: First Thursday Art Walk, Dec. 5, 6pm-8pm

The leaves seen in this show originate from a medieval Book of Hours, a common Christian devotional text from the middle ages. While the text within this type of manuscript can vary, a Book of Hours gets its name from the mandatory inclusion of the Hours of the Virgin Mary, the prayers associated with the eight canonical hours of the day. Once considered an object of luxury for the elite, 15th century innovations in printing allowed for an increase in production and the spread of these manuscripts an emerging middle class. 

This Book of Hours in particular was printed on vellum by Jean Poiterin in February of 1501 and illustrated with beautiful wood engraved panels and historiated initials in red and blue. The leaves come alive with illustrations in the margins that depict a variety of subjects. Biblical scenes set in contemporary France are juxtaposed with fantastical medieval beasts that emerge from the page to delight the mind and imagination. Gothic architectural details throughout the page evoke the majesty of Medieval cathedrals, bringing the reader one step closer to what they believed to be the house of God. Look closer and take in the images that enticed viewers over 500 years ago. 

Full exhibition will be added soon.

European : God the Father Crowning Mary at Davidson Galleries

God the Father Crowning Mary

Medium: ink, color, and gold on vellum
Year: c. 1470
Size: 7 x 4 3/4 inches
Description: Origin: France Gothic script miniature painting from a Book of Hours
Stock Number: 26025c
Price: $4000.00
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