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Aristide Maillol French (1861–1944)

Daphnis and Chloe

Series: Illustration for Daphnis and Chloe by Longus
Medium: Woodcut
Year: 1937
Edition : Proof
Publisher: Published by Phillipe Gonin, Paris, 1937
References: Reference: Rewald 122
Provenance: Daphnis and Chloe by Longus
Size: Image: 5 x 2 in. Sheet: 7-7/8 x 5-1/4 in
Description: Daphnis and Chloe is an Ancient Greek tale that follows a boy and a girl from young, naive love, through trials and tribulations and finally to a happy ending together. In Maillol's depiction, he shows the more mature Daphnis and Chloe, happy together and expecting a child. It is a touching portrait of a profound love that was hard earned.
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Mothers : Couple with Child at Davidson Galleries

Hans Erni Swiss (b. 1909)

Couple with Child

Medium: Lithograph
Year: 1953
Edition : 96/100
Signature: Signed in pencil
Printer: Maison Kratz, Zurich
References: Cailler 66
Size: 17-1/2 x 23 inches
Description: In a composition free of landscape, narrative elements or even personal accoutrements, Erni directs the focus on the bodies and connectivity of a new family. The man and women, their physical link to each and and the child they made together almost tangible, fold lovingly towards one another and their newborn child as the mother takes it to the breast. The strength and protection comes not just from the mother alone, but from the family as a whole.
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Mothers : Untitled (Pregnant Woman) at Davidson Galleries

Bernhard Jäger German (b. 1935)

Untitled (Pregnant Woman)

Medium: Color lithograph
Year: 1973
Edition : 16/222
Signature: Signed in pencil
Size: 19-3/4 x 15-3/4 inches
Description: In a grand departure from the tender images of mothers and children, Jäger breaks down the anatomy of the pregnant woman into a series of shapes and parts and reconstructs it into an intriguingly grotesque composition of tubes, breasts and an amorphous polywog-like fetus. Scientifically abstracted, the inspirational subject “Pregnant Woman,” comes secondary to the construction and layout of the “Untitled” composition of shapes and colors.
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