Momento No. 9690 (muse)



Carrie LINGSCHEIT American (b. 1984)

Momento No. 9690 (muse)

Medium: Intaglio

Year: 2010

Edition : AP

Signature: Signed in pencil

Size: 17 x 11 inches

Description: Carrie Lingscheit’s work focuses on the malleable nature of memory formation and recall, wherein she creates dubious narratives characterized by omission, distortion, and hyperbole. With Muse she presents the viewer with the challenge of not knowing whether “muse” is meant as a verb, a noun or both. We could be looking at a contemporary muse with the power to move creative minds like the wind moves a weather vane. Or we could just as easily be witnessing an event on a rooftop when a woman muses on an unknowable thought. Again with Lingsheit’s versatility, the scene could be either or both.

Price: $350.00