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Susan Denniston

Return to the Fields

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Series: Monoprint/Monotype Invitational 2022
Medium: Monotype
Dimensions: 11 x 11 inches (Image) 15 x 15 inches (Sheet)
Signature: Signed
Artist details: American, 1951
Date finished: 2019
Edition: 1/1

Artist's statement:
"This print is from my Black Ink series of prints, created using fragments of vintage quilts. Carefully breaking the stitches of old quilts and opening them up, I created prints by laying a section of the tattered and torn inside of the quilt on an inked plate.

I had not anticipated the prints would evoke a sense of ravaged fields, water, and sky: a sense of our land in flux.

Return to the Fields was printed from a fragment of an old “postage stamp” quilt.  It had such tiny stitching it was hard to get to the inside. But once I did, I used a section of the inside of the fragile quilt top to share its story, a story of dividing the land. 

This land — their land, your land, my land, our land — that is and has been a source of such strife and sustenance."