Falmouth Harbour Remembered, in Late Summer by Kevin Fletcher - Davidson Galleries
Kevin Fletcher

Falmouth Harbour Remembered, in Late Summer

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Medium: Monotype
Dimensions: 15 x 10 inches (Image) 19 x 13 inches (Sheet)
Signature: Signed
Artist details: American, 1956
Date finished: 2021
Edition: II/II (Unique, one variation)

Artist's statement:
"I've always liked the possible spontaneous approach to monotype. I'd not found that in other print media. I'd been working in etching and relief printmaking but sought a more painterly resolve, as I was doing oil painting then. Later, I settled on this reductive manner, which encouraged a departure from the known or observed subject and, instead, seemed to conjure up the imagined or unknowable. I draw upon memory of travels, but the work leads into other areas, resolving in ways I cannot predict or expect at the inception of making. Only when a print appears resolved, with a consistent rhythm and cadence of execution, coming into equilibrium -- can I assess its meaning or approximate its references, which arise out of the subconscious halfway through. My titles follow an interpretation of my reading if that subject. Of course a viewer, having references of their own, may recognize something else."