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Jenny Robinson

After Piranesi

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Medium: Drypoint on Gampi
Dimensions: 25 1/2 inches diameter
Artist details: British/American, 1957
Date finished: 2016
Edition: 1/1

After Piranesi was printed during the artists fellowship residency in Vemont in 2016. Underneath the arches on the south bank of the Thames in London, Robinson's hometown, there is an oversized tile mural which reproduces the original etching of Piranesi’s depiction of the construction of Blackfriars bridge 1766. Interested in how scale can change and distort one's visual relationship to an object or place, (the original etching is 16 x 24 inches), Robinson focused on a section of the enlarged image as a starting point to create an abstracted homage to one of her heroes in print, Piranesi. The resulting print, created in a small varied edition of 4 unique images, is a combination of drypoint and monotype printed on gampi tissue, a material that references both the strength of the subject matter and its fragility. The gampi is then seamed together and backed with sekishu paper for added strength.