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Jonelle Johnson

Cosmic Birds

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Medium: Monotype
Dimensions: 22 1/8 x 17 inches
Artist details: American, Pacific Northwest, 1945
Date finished: 2016
Edition: 1/1

Recommended by Catherine (Collections Assistant):

"Jonelle Johnson uses thinned oil-based ink to layer transparent veils of color and brushstrokes to produce a sense of physical depth and movement in her vibrant monotypes. A great example of this is her piece aptly titled Cosmic Birds. The dynamic texture created by layers of contrasting colors and swirling lines captures the birds' frenetic movements so effectively, viewing the piece ignites a near-synesthetic experience. It feels like the birds are about to jump off the paper and I can hear the cacophony of their calls (which I enjoy as a bird lover). The relatively mellow and cool-toned color palette has a balancing quality which keeps the experience from being too jarring."