Shigeki Tomura was born in 1951 in Hachinohe, Japan.  He participated in the Kokuga Association exhibitions 1973-1975.  He is devoted to printmaking, drypoint and etching, in particular.  Although Tomura makes beautiful drawings and watercolors, the line quality possible with the intaglio processes provides him the perfect means of expression. His fine cupping contour lines define fragile leaf forms and shadow patterns against walls. The attention to each bare branch, blade of grass or bough delicately defines his love of these landscape details.  The creamy chine colle sheet contains his natural world.

Tomura has won numerous prizes beginning in 1985 when one of them led to an exhibition at The Tetsugoro Memorial Museum.  His modest scale prints earned him awards at Small Graphic Forms in Lodz, Poland and the Grand Prix at the 2nd Bratislava Ex Libris Triennial in 1998.

The artist continues to exhibit his drawings, watercolors, and intaglio works internationally in Russia, the UK, Germany and the United States.    This current selection is drawn from more than three decades of the artist's work.

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