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Carrie Lingscheit


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Medium: Intaglio
Dimensions: 15 x 10 inches
Artist details: American, 1984
Date finished: 2011
Edition: of XV

Recommended by Nikki (Fine Print Photographer & Content Publisher):
"There is a memory-like quality to Lingscheit’s hand-pulled print, with it’s soft plate tones and blank spaces. “Sunday” brings up questions around genderism and Western Christian culture’s long history of upholding patriarchal systems, including men being hunters and providers. Why is it that a hunter’s kill is able to take up space, while women are asked to disappear as outlined voids? Despite the clear allusions to women being at the mercy of men’s decisions, the piece also offers a reclamation of power. In this scene, the women hold the most visual ‘weight’ and ground the entire image with their high contrast and distinct negative space silhouettes - forcing the viewer to acknowledge them."