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Carrie Lingscheit

Momento No. 3273 (pine)

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Medium: Intaglio
Dimensions: 14 x 7 inches
Artist details: American, 1984
Date finished: 2010
Edition: AP

Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager):
"This piece comes from Carrie Lingscheit's twenty thousand moments project, based on the limitations of our human brains and the amount of information that can be processed and saved from the 20,000 (or so) moments in a given day. Momento No. 3273 (pine) hones in on a feeling, to pine, and the quiet setting where it happens, alone in a bed. It beautifully captures the way we are drawn inward to our own emotions and imagination when we pine for someone or something. Negative space is used to draw our attention down to the dark, intense face; the surroundings are blurred and forgotten, represented only with a lovely watercolor texture, just as we tune out the world when lost in intense thought."