Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Featuring artworks from some of Davidson Galleries' most beloved artists, this curated gift guide offers under-$250 artworks that are sure to please a variety of friends and family. We've selected a wide variety of original artworks with something for everyone, including some of our most popular series as well as new arrivals. If you don't find the perfect piece in this list, explore the artist's page for even more ideas.

Mariko AndoSnake. $200

Tetsuo Aoki, Everyone on Earth みんな地球に. $200 
See more by Tetsuo Aoki. 

Ben BeresFamiliar. $100

Marit BergDragonfly House. $100

Lockwood DennisCorner Grocery and Bus, Two Cars.  $100 each.

Andy FarkasThis is Where You're Supposed to Be. $175

Oleksiy FedorenkoGirl With Pear. $175

Art HansenMan Smelling Roses and Xmas 1991. $90 each.

Seiichi HiroshimaOnnepaskur I. $200

Wuon-Gean HoLove Knot II. $100

Eunice KimPorous #16 Blue. $125

Michèle LandsaatApple. $150

Carrie LingscheitApproach and Ex Libris (with Cats). $25 and $100 respectively

Carl V. MontfordAlki Lighthouse and Sherwood T. Pusser. $115 and $100  respectively

Barry MoserTotem. $85

Kumi Obata, Bright Darkness  眩しい闇. $125

Marina Richterová
Dancer II (Ex Libris). $75

Artemio RodriguezSerenata. $100

Abigail Rorer
Rubus australis. $145

Azumi Takeda
The Story of the Wife Dreaming. $250

Shigeki TomuraMarch I. $225

Kouki TsuritaniCherry Blossom and Rocking Sheep. $170 and $130 respectively

Geri WaddingtonForaging. $100

Carol Wax
Mac Remington. $75

Art WergerFrom My Window: Snowfall and Sun Streaked. $200 and $125 respectively