Charles Spitzack: PASSAGE

Charles Spitzack: PASSAGE

Charles Spitzack: PASSAGE will be on exhibition July 8 - August 27, 2022. Join us for an opening reception July 7th from 6-8pm.

Artist Statement 

Time offers passage
From one experience to the next
One place to the next
One companion to the next

There are a few things I take as truths
Pure opposites are the same, and reflections of each other
Things in life like to multiply. And multiply, and multiply

But above all
Life is a series of repetitions, or rotations if you prefer
Within each rotation is a mutation
And within that mutation, an element of choice exists
And though seemingly restrictive, a small action can have such massive results

We cannot help who we are
We can change who we are
We must forgive all
Some things cannot be forgiven

Some have found their way to great wealth
during the pandemic
Some have lost their jobs
Some have eaten well
Some have cared for others
Some have lost loved ones
Some have found love
Some have lost a sense of security and trust

These woodblock prints are simple responses from these turbulent times
Small echos to everything we take in each and every day

 —Charles Spitzack, 2022


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