April Staff Recommendations

April Staff Recommendations


Recommended by Nikki (Fine Print Photographer / Marketing and Digital Content Specialist):

etching of abstracted circles

Obata’s piece is delightfully charming. It’s as though I am looking through a window I wiped condensation off of to better see the snowfall outside. A pet dog is even reflected in one of the streaking, water droplets. The winter scene feels comforting and cozy, complete with a tiny bird flying around the dormant trees in the snow.


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Recommended by Paige (Collections Manager / Marketing Coordinator): 

woodcut of VW bus

The VW Bus is charming all on its own, but Lockwood Dennis’s version is even better. His woodcut style blends so well with the simple, graphic nature of the bus. This piece is not trying to be perfect, it's just trying to show its true character. It has plenty of nostalgia in the best way, showing a love for the bold graphics of the ad era when sleek and minimal had yet to reign.

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WUON-GEAN HO, Moving House Fish

Recommended by Catherine (Collections Specialist):

linocut of fish with house
Wuon-Gean Ho's colorful linocuts are full of charm and story-telling. This particularly charming piece depicts a fish moving to a new home, seemingly with the help of another fish friend. The bold palette of primary colors and cute expressions call to mind an illustration from a children's book, while the objects the fish has chosen to bring with them increase that feeling of innocence and whimsy. I especially love the potted plant, the toothbrush, and the bicycle (Who doesn't love the image of a fish riding a bicycle?). Looking at this piece reminds me to find the fun and delight in life's new chapters and adventures.