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Paul Jacoulet

Jacoulet's surimono editions were released both as reduced versions of his larger works and as original compositions.  Each one was printed with the same number of blocks as the larger counterparts.  They were issued during the Christmas season and Jacoulet used the proceeds to buy houses for his printers and carvers.

Surimono : Nuit De Neige, Corée (Snowy Night, Korea) at Davidson Galleries

Paul Jacoulet French (1902 - 1960)

Nuit De Neige, Corée (Snowy Night, Korea)

Medium: Color woodblock
Year: Early 1950s
Edition : Surimono
Signature: Stamped signature. Boat seal
References: Miles 4A (57)
Size: 5-1/2 x 3-7/7 inches
Stock Number: 47076c
Price: $500.00