Decembre. Japon. (December. Japan.)

Paul Jacoulet


Paul Jacoulet French (1902-1960)

Decembre. Japon. (December. Japan.)

Medium: Color woodblock

Year: 1953

Edition : 350

Signature: Signed in pencil. Stamped "present" verso. Peony seal

Printer: Maeda / Onodera

References: Miles 130

Size: 15-1/2 x 11-3/4 inches

Description: Conceived as part of a Four Seasons series, the of which was never completed, this print shows an old woman huddling for warmth in a kotatsu, a quilt-covered frame with a charcoal burning brazier supplying the warmth. A pot of tea and a tobacco pouch are her only companions as the snow falls on a stone lantern outside her window.

Condition: Some toning verso.

Stock Number: 46264