Nude with Necklace

Joseph Hirsch


Joseph Hirsch American (1910 - 1981)

Nude with Necklace

Medium: Lithograph, sepia

Edition : 14/100

Signature: Signed in pencil

Size: 11 x 15 1/2 inches

Description: Taking his cue from the western art historical canon’s long legacy of the female nude, Hirsch poses his model in the traditional reclining pose. She is beautiful, voluptuous and dons only a few bits of jewelry, a method used to heighten her eroticism. But from here she departs from the stereotype with her direct and knowing stare. She engages the viewer (or perhaps her customer?) directly and with no small amount of frankness. Leaving nothing up for debate, she points between her thighs confirming that she has control over herself and the situation at hand.

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Price: $800.00