Jacob Lawrence American (1917–2000)

The Coachman

Series: Toussaint L'Ouverture

Medium: Silk screen on Bainbridge two ply rag paper

Year: 1990

Edition : 5/99

Signature: Signed in pencil

Printer: Lou Stovall, master printer at Workshop Inc., Washington D.C

Publisher: Amistad Research Center, New Orleans and Spradling Ames, Key West

References: Nesbett L90-4

Size: 28-1/4 x 18-3/8 inches

Description: In early manhood his seemingly good nature won for him the coachmanship for Bayou de Libertas, 1763. His job as coachman gave him time to think about how to fight slavery. During this period, he taught himself to read and to write.

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