Featured works by: Marit Berg  American (Pacific Northwest)  

Artist statement

I like to say, I grew up in the San Diego Zoo. Born and raised in San Diego, I spent much of my youth there. I knew all the trails and the fastest route to every animal. This is where my love and fascination with animals began. When I moved to Washington in my college years, I could sense this was a place where residents cherished the land and it’s inhabitants and my work continued to reflect on the relationships we have with the environment, and other animal species. 25 years later I now call this my home.

I am particularly interested in how we consider other animal species both scientifically, and mythically, as they both explain what makes us uniquely human. I attempt to reveal a narrative based on how cultural attitudes have changed, split, or even remained the same. My intention is to engage the viewer with the power of the image in order to suggest new considerations, connections and even contradictions. Ultimately my goal as an artist is to connect with others who care about our planet, and our future.

I work in traditional and new media. Nothing excites me more than the possibilities of a freshly primed canvas and a box full of oil paints in innumerable colors. I am also a printmaker. Printmaking requires the understanding of vast technical processes, including new directions in digital media. As a multiple, printmaking allows for endless experimentation and possibilities, and a happy accident or two.

Marit Berg : Dragonfly House at Davidson Galleries

Marit Berg American (Pacific Northwest)

Dragonfly House

Medium: Aquatint and etching
Year: 2015
Edition : of 50
Signature: Signed
Size: 5 x 7 inches
Price: $100.00