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"Drawing is of central importance to me. I am fascinated with the magic of drawing, of making marks which provide parallels with experience; marks which are able to express my feelings for form, space, light and movement. I also consider drawing to be a very personal, searching process, and a tool for developing my powers of observation and memory. My approach to printmaking relies very much on drawing.

I am naturally attracted towards realism and approach my work knowing that both conscious and unconscious influences will impart its direction. I feel that these influences have been the theories of picture-making. I have an enormous respect for the art of the past and particularly for that of the great draftsmen of the Italian Renaissance. I believe that one can retain respect for these masters without necessarily imitating or becoming subordinate to them. I realize that my art comes from both art history and life, and there is succession and lineage in all art.” -Artist Statement

David Smith - Harrison : A Winter Spell at Davidson Galleries

David Smith - Harrison American

A Winter Spell

Medium: intaglio on Arches Cover
Year: 2016
Edition : of 135
Signature: signed
Size: 8 3/4 x 11 1/2 inches
Description: 6 copper plate intaglio
Price: $615.00