Recent Arrivals

This Recent Arrivals page highlights new inventory from our Contemporary artists as well as the most recent acquisitions in our Antique Print Department. The page will be refreshed regularly so check back often to view our newest inventory.

CHARLES SPITZACK 10 woodcuts. Added June 2014

TALLMADGE DOYLE 6 mixed technique prints. Added April 2014

BARBARA ROBERTSON Circuit. Added April 2014

JEAN-LUC LE BALP NEW ARTIST. 6 color etchings added, Feb. 2014

EUNICE KIM 3 collagraphs added January, 2014

ROBERT PATIERNO 4 recent linocuts added January, 2014

ELLEN HECK 8 new drypoint and woodblock prints added January, 2014

20th century Latin American prints 13 prints added October, 2013

4 Antique Northwest works Added October, 2013

New Artist: BRONWEN SLEIGH Added September, 2013

New inventory from ALEXANDER PETROV & LEONARD BASKIN Added September, 2013

JUDITH FOOSANER - 4 collage works Added September, 2013

SEIKO TACHIBANA - 6 recent intalio prints Added September, 2013

CAMILLE PATHA - Recent oils on canvas Added July-September, 2013

ANTIQUE JAPANESE PRINTS: Edo Period (7 woodblocks), and Hiroshige I & II (11 woodblocks)
Added August 24, 2013

EX LIBRIS (Contemporary book plates) - 11 new intaglio prints Added August 15, 2013

YOZO HAMAGUCHI - 6 mezzotints. Added July 15, 2013

SEAN CAULFIELD - 5 mezzotints with chine colle. Added July 15, 2013

Contemporary Prints from ROBERT MARX and CAROL SUMMERS Added July 2, 2013

Mezzotints by TIM SMITH Added June 21, 2013


MIKIO WATANABE: 3 mezzotints Added June 2013

See more work by Mikio Watanabe

ELLEN HECK: 7 recent woodcut and drypoint prints Added May 2013

See more work by Ellen Heck

MARSHA BURNS: 7 polaroid photographs Added May 2013

See more work by Marsha Burns

JENNIFER WORSLEY: 2 recent woodcuts Added May 2013

See more work by Jennifer Worsley

ROBERT MARX: 3 recent paintings Added March 2013

See more work by Robert Marx

CAMILLE PATHA: Recent paintings Added March 2013

JEAN GUMPPER: 6 recent woodcuts Added March 2013

TAKAHIRA SATO: 4 recent mezzotints Added January 2013

CARRIE LINGSCHEIT: 2 recent etchings Added January 2013