SMS Listening Party, Feb. 20

Last fall, the Antique Print Department at Davidson Galleries presented a 40th anniversary exhibition of SMS: A Portfolio of Multiples.  SMS was a series of six portfolios of multiples released in 1968 by the surrealist William Copley.  It included works by a diverse body of artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Christo, Richard Hamilton, Claes Oldenberg, John Cage, and Yoko Ono.  Davidson Galleries produced a full-color catalog of the exhibition (available here) and mounted a comprehensive exhibition of all the works.

Marcel Duchamp. Cover for SMS #2, 1968.

Six of the works in the SMS portfolios are sound pieces.  These include phonograph records by Marcel Duchamp, Bernar Venet, and Diane Wakowski, as well as tape pieces by Terry Riley, La Monte Young and Bruce Nauman.  Davidson Galleries is partnering with local experimental music store Dissonant Plane to present a full program of all six audio pieces.

The event will be hosted by Eric Lanzillotta of Dissonant Plane and presented by Emily Pothast of Davidson Galleries.  It will begin at 7 pm sharp on Friday, February 20 at Resolution Audio, downstairs from Dissonant Plane in Ballard, and will last approximately three hours.

Dissonant Plane
5459 Leary Avenue NW
Seattle, WA  98107-4011
(206) 784-5163