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Showing in August at Davidson Contemporary

August 8-30, 2008
Opening Reception with the Artists:  “First Thursday,” August 7, 6-8 pm

Stephanie J. Frostad Lore

The Invention of Sorrow, 2008. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches

The Invention of Sorrow, 2008. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches.

Davidson Contemporary will exhibit the new paintings of Montana artist Stephanie J. Frostad.  The show is titled “Lore” and was inspired by folklore, proverbs, legends and parables.  “Through readings in folklore (collections, not commentaries) I’ve cast a wide net, pulling in all sorts of intriguing narratives from Aesop’s Fables, the Bible, classical mythology, and fairy tales.”  Seattle artist Gary Curtis will present new figurative works in cast glass and ceramic.  In addition there will be an exhibition of paintings by Vancouver Island artist Martin Honisch.

Gary Curtis Recent Works

Gary Curtis. Child 14, 2008. Glass, mixed media. 11w x 8d x 9h inches.

Child 14, 2008. Glass, mixed media. 11w x 8d x 9h inches.

Martin Honisch Recent Paintings

Georgia Strait, 2005. Oil on board. 24 x 36 inches.

Georgia Strait, 2005. Oil on board. 24 x 36 inches.

Showing in August at Davidson Galleries

Contemporary Print & Drawing Center
August 8-30, 2008
Opening reception with the artists:  “First Thursday”, August 7, 6-8 P.M.

Jean Gumpper Shifting Currents

Jean Gumpper. Still Waters, 2008. Woodcut and pochoir. 20 x 42 inches. Edition of 14.

Still Waters, 2008. Woodcut and pochoir. 20 x 42 inches. Edition of 14.

Hiroki Morinoue Earth Spirit

Hiroki Morinoue. Spirit Earth, 2008. Woodcut. 31 x 31 inches. AP 2/6.

Spirit Earth, 2008. Woodcut. 31 x 31 inches. AP 2/6.

Print artists Jean Gumpper and Hiroki Morinoue share an affinity for the woodcut print process and the way it translates the artists’ individual impressions of nature.

Jean Gumpper (born 1955) lives in Colorado and spends much of her free time hiking in the mountains and taking in the landscape around her.  She retrieves memories from these hikes; how  the birch trees shimmer in the wind, or how fallen leaves are carried down a  stream.  She pays attention with her all senses and in her studio she uses these memories and feelings as seeds for her reduction woodcuts.

A reduction woodcut is made from a single block of wood printed repeatedly between further reductions of the printed surface.  The process involves printing a color, then cutting the block, printing the newly reduced surface over the previous impression, and continuing this alternation until the image is complete.  Careful planning and registration is required.

Hiroki Morinoue (born 1947) is also a patient observer of nature.  Morinoue works in the traditional Japanese style of woodcut printmaking which uses watercolor and tools quite different from those of Western woodcut technique.  His images speak of the rhythms, cycles and patterns that he observes at his home in Hawaii. His works read like narratives, stories being told about the ebb and flow of the natural world around him.

Morinoue’s work is represented in many collections including The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI; The Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, California Palace Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA; and the Ueno no Mori Museum, Tokyo Japan.  Works by Jean Gumpper can be found in The Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO; University of Wisconsin Madison, WI;  Cranbrook Institute of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI; and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle, WA.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
August 8 – 9   Reduction Woodcut Workshop with Jean Gumpper at Sev Shoon Art Center,
Co-sponsored by Davidson Galleries and Seattle Print Arts
September 4 – 27  Akiko Taniguchi and Sean Caulfield

Antique Print Department
August 8 – September 27, 2008
Opening reception:  “First Thursday”, August 7, 6-8 P.M.

SMS: A Collection of Original Multiples 40th Anniversary Exhibition

Irving Petling. Little Box of Earthquake and Cotton. SMS Portfolio #1, 1968.

Irving Petling. Little Box of Earthquake and Cotton. SMS Portfolio #1, 1968.

Released in 1968, the SMS portfolio represented a collaboration between some of the most important artists and composers of the 20th century.  Centered around  a loft on Manhattan’s Upper West Side rented and maintained by the American Surrealist William Copley, SMS (a coy abbreviation for “Shit Must Stop”) was an open-ended collective that epitomized the community ethos of the 1960s. Thoroughly utopian in intent, the six volumes of the SMS portfolio included meticulously editioned works by a roster of artists both world-famous and obscure, each of whom received $100 for their contribution regardless of reputation. Among the many artists represented are Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Christo, John Cage, and Yoko Ono.  Davidson Galleries is proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of SMS by exhibiting a complete set of all six portfolios.

Man Ray. Mona Lisa’s Father, 1968. Roy Lichtenstein. Folded Hat, 1968.

left: Man Ray, Mona Lisa’s Father. right: Roy Lichtenstein, Folded Hat.

Call for Art: Tacoma Art Museum 9th Northwest Biennial

Tacoma Art Museum’s Northwest Biennial considers recent developments and accomplishments by Northwest artists. The 9th Northwest Biennial will focus on the current aesthetic and conceptual concerns addressed by regional artists. The Biennial is open to current residents of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Only work created since January 2007 will be considered. Artists working in a wide variety of media, including traditional forms, craft-based work, conceptual, performance, installation, and digital projects, are encouraged to apply. $25 entry fee.

Unlike previous Tacoma Art Museum biennial application processes, this year’s will be conducted entirely online via the CaFÉ (Call for Entry) application service. All applications must be submitted via the CaFÉ Web site ( by midnight on July 26, 2008. Tacoma Art Museum will not accept applications directly.

Visit their site for more information, including important dates and prospectus.

Call for Art: Boston Printmakers 2009 North American Print Biennial

Boston Printmakers 2009 North American Print Biennial will take place at Boston University’s spacious 808 Gallery in February/March, 2009. Roberta Waddell, curator of prints at The New York Public Library from 1985 until 2008 will jury the entries.

Applications open at
Deadline: Sept. 15th, 2008

Download Prospectus PDF

Richard Nicol & Mark Meyer in the Slog

Two artists currently showing at Davidson Contemporary, Richard Nicol and Mark Meyer, have been featured in the Stranger’s blog, Slog.

At one point, Nicol was using gunpowder in his drawings, and there is one of those works in the show. But it’s a trio of grid drawings done in pastel and neon colored pencil that hooked me. They’re called Rational Drawings, and that name is also the title of the show. It brings to mind the late minimalist grid master Sol LeWitt’s dictum that “irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically.”

Continue reading The Man Taking Pictures of Everyone Else’s Art is an Artist, Too by Jen Graves

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Amanda Knowles Receives GAP Grant

Amanda Knowles as been awarded a GAP grant, “to defray costs associated with creating a new body of work that journey into the sculptural realm. As opposed to previous installations, imagery will be cut into steel by a local metal fabricator, allowing the creation of larger and more detailed pieces. The larger installation will consider and explore a new type of interaction with the ground they hang over, investigating painted/stenciled backgrounds.”

In 2008, Artist Trust awarded $119,195 in Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) to 80 outstanding Washington State artists. The GAP program provides up to $1,500 to individual artists for various projects. In 2008, Artist Trust received a record 975 applications from artists working in all disciplines across Washington State. In addition Artist Trust awarded five residencies as part of the Artist Trust Centrum Residency Partnership and one residency as part of the Camano Island Residency.

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