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Artemio Rodriguez's GraficoMóvil in artonpaper

Printmaker Artemio Rodriguez‘s mobile printmaking studio GraphicoMóvil is featured in artonpaper‘s March/April 2009 issue:

Over the past decade, some artists and collectives have gone grassroots, literally and figuratively taking their shows on the road—or in the case of the Miss Rockaway Armada, to the rivers—perhaps as a rejection of the commercial gallery system. Examples include Rirkrit Tiravanija’s 1998 monthlong motor-home journey across the U.S., Pablo Helguera’s School of Panamerican Unrest (see artonpaper, January/February 2008), and Patsy Kline’s gallery-in-a-truck, dubbed Gallery ÜHaul. The latest example might be Artemio Rodriguez’s GraficoMóvil. He converted a 1947 delivery truck into a roving print studio, theater, and classroom, coating the body of the truck with several wood-cut-like prints. Continue reading…

Learn more about GraphicoMóvil and other Rodriguez-run projects

View available work by Rodriguez

New Susan Bennerstrom Book

Contemporary realist painter Susan Bennerstrom has a new book out in conjunction with her exhibition Bystander, showing May 6-30 at Terrence Rogers Fine Art in Santa Monica, CA.

Visit for a preview of the book

View available works by Bennerstrom

Francesca Sundsten on PRATT Summer Catalog Cover

Francesca Sundsten‘s work graces the cover of Pratt Fine Arts Center‘s Summer catalog. Her master painting program begins at the end of July.

Sundsten has exhibited with Davidson since 1992. Her work is in numerous public and private collections including the Tacoma Art Museum and the Microsoft Art Collection.

Download PRATT’s Summer catalog (2.3Mb PDF)
View available work by Sundsten

The Stranger Suggests: Ben Beres

Ten Years, Davidson Galleries’ current exhibition by Ben Beres, has been recommended by the Stranger:

Ben Beres’s first big show of tiny-print, text-based etchings at Davidson Galleries only takes up half the gallery, butit would be a four floor retrospective if beres didn’t work in near-microscopic scale. His plates are shaped, not rectangular, and each print is a singular color (mixed, not bottled) covered in a scrawl of words and teensy images. At the opening, Beres worked the room, preselytizing: “Prints are amazing. More people should be doing prints.” His works spoke the same thing, even louder. – Jen Graves

The exhibition continues through February 28th.

Daniel Carrillo and his Stranger Cover

A new color etching by contemporary printmaker Daniel Carrillo graces the cover of the Stranger this week.

Daniel Carrillo (b. 1973) is a self-taught mezzotint artist and photographer. Born in Mexico and raised in California, he moved to Seattle in 1997. He has been printmaking for five years and shooting since high school. His work has been exhibited in  Davidson Galleries, Gallery 110, Sev Shoon, CoCA , Shenzhen, China, Some Space, and included in several juried exhibitions. He is currently curating shows for Some Space Gallery, working on new mezzotints and photographing with a large format camera.

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Our Fall/Winter Catalog is Here!

Catalog 72, featuring over 200 original antique, modern and contemporary prints and drawings, is now available in both printed and PDF formats.

Download as PDF (18.5Mb)

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